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Posted by G. Armour Van Horn on
In this system, clicking on my name below will show you a page with all my previous posts, my e-mail, my home page, and even a really thrilling self-portrait I took in my very own bathroom. On the new system I'm building (well, I'm supervising, Rocael's team is doing most of the real work) all you get from the message boards is a page of other postings. And that's different from what is shown on "My workspace" under "what other users of this service are shown" which doesn't show the portrait I uploaded there.

This is OpenACS 4.5, RedHat 7.2, PostgreSQL 7.something from this Spring.

I asked about this and was told that this isn't easy in 4.x. I think it's pretty important part of community building and assumed it must be in there, but Vivian said there was no package to handle this.

Are we missing something here?


(The site in question is, most of which is still in Apache on another machine, but the "Suppliers and Food Distributors" and message boards are on the OpenACS system which will eventually host the whole thing.)

Posted by Don Baccus on
It's not so much that it's not easy as that some of the nice features of 3.x haven't shown up in 4.x

Of course they weren't always in the line of development that culminated in the last of the 3.x releases.

We definitely need to push forward with features of this sort, no doubt.    This being an Open Source project based largely on volunteer efforts rather than being financed with a $38M VC infusion it will get done if someone volunteers to step forward and pick up the work, or if someone offers to fund the work, or some combination of both.