Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to stupid newbie question

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
All of us with production 3.2.5 sites are presumably thinking through how to segue to OACS 4.5; I think the issues you raise here are very important.

OACS 4.5 offers compelling reasons to move quickly (eg bind variables, improved security, modular construction). But there are nifty 3.2.5 modules that haven't yet been ported (despite the heroic hard work by the OACS team), and many of us have written other special purpose modules (that lack general interest to the OACS community but nevertheless occupied us to the exclusion of being able to help with porting--mea culpa) that have all sorts of intrinsic 3.2.5isms.

So how are people out there handling this in-between time in their production sites? Who has successfully moved from 3.2.5 to 4.5 and what lessons did you learn that the rest of us should know? Who has decided not to move and what factors did you find most important in that decision? And has anyone experiemented with a "dual" context?