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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
I'm not sure I agree about the dotLRN website being a static site, IMHO it already is a static site with an occasional news entry. I really feel it would benefit from it's own forums, wiki pages, blogs etc (all the best bits of the dotLRN!)

There is currently a single forum in for everything from LDAP to installation to development to how to teach. Now this makes it quite difficult to find past posts that may be of interest to people, this may also deter people from reqesting notification from the forum and as such we lose the valuable input of the users of the platform.

With regards to the decision making process I think the route we are discussing is viable and probably the 'fairest'. I do feel though that the decisions made by this group should then be advertised in a clear roadmap. - perhaps this could be something benefitial to the current discussions regards openACS quality for those following that thread. Bits of development here and there without a real indication of what is new in each release.... unless I'm missing something....

There must be a large dotLRN community out there yet they seem to be lurking in the shadows much of the time. I have been working with dotLRN for almost a year now and have definitely found it quite difficult to get the information/support I needed to make my life easier, this can be very offputting for people who maybe don't have the motivation to really search for things (ie organisations just starting off on the road and maybe doing comparitive studies). I definitely feel we need to bring everything dotLRN closer together, but not alienating or distancing dotLRN from openACS could be a challenge there.