Forum .LRN Q&A: A good article about the competition

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It's important to know that there are (at least) two different classes
of software products with which dotLRN competes. The first is
generally referred to as Course Management Systems (CMS), and it is
designed to support what goes on in individual classes with bboards,
places to store syllabi and other class documents, homework
drop-boxes, etc. The main competitors in this space are WebCT,
Blackboard and the Open Source JA-SIG product (uCampus?). dotLRN
competes reasonably well in this space, although it still has some holes.

The article I reference above is about the second class of product,
known as a campus portal. Besides providing the students with
campus-wide info, the portal also supports back-office stuff like
course registration, tuition payment, etc. It's not clear to me how
well dotLRN supports (or even wants to support) these functions.