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Hi All,

Well I was searching for Unicode to Arabic conversions and came across this post.

What I am trying to do is convert some unicode data that I have into Arabic, there is a function written that does the conversion using a sequence of Case stmts and it searches for the unicode chars and then replaces it with the corresponding Arabic character.

e.g. IF strT = '067E' THEN Dest := Dest || Chr(129 USING NCHAR_CS); --129Arabic Peh

Well the function works correctly in Oracle 9i and above but refuses to compile in versions of Oracle below 9i.

Here are some more details:
Oracle Version: Oracle 8.1.7
Compilation error: PLS 00561- Characterset mismatch on value for parameter 'Right'.

I am assuming it is the Nchar_cs that creates the problem.

Would appreciate any help on this. Thx in Advance


I have recycled the parts of my brain I used to store Oracle knowledge. Even then, I don't think I ever worked with non-standard character sets in it - only ASCII and some Oracle version of unicode.

My suggestion would be to do any transformations in tcl, rather than in Oracle. In fact I would suggest getting rid of Oracle and switch to Postgres. We did, and I haven't had a single moment of regret.