Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT: test server needed, summary of meeting

In today's OCT meeting we decided that the priority is:
To have a TEST SERVER set up, and we need someone to volunteer to have this running and configured.

Then, we might go for subversion, so we need a volunteer with experience for doing that, and possibly maintain a CVS bridge during the transition time. I makes somethings easier, I have not much experience with SVN, so maybe some others want to comment. The real issue is that CVS is just a hassle for our open source project, many commits, no easy way to merge, no easy way to branch.

Another issue is that we have an agreement for NOT commit non-working code, but we need someone to volunteer and summarize this and put in the docs and other appropriate places.

Finally, the bug stomp days:

Posted by Dave Bauer on
IN addition to a test server, we need a volunteer to setup test reporting, with the reports sent to

We want visibility of test server status.

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
I volunteer to setup a test server on one of my servers, with test reporting and delivery.

Then once this is working, we can apply the same process to

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on

I've spent some time with the old automated install script and guide. It has some problems:

  • the xml file packages/acs-core-docs/www/files/install-autotest.xml no longer exists in cvs. This needs to be installed manually after every checkout.
  • The following view in postgres 8.0.7 must be created after the database is recreated or the /SYSTEM/dbtest post install test will not work. The same line must then be removed from packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/postgresql.sql to avoid an error in the install log: create view dual as select now() as sysdate;
  • the serverr must be restarted using the init.d script (at least on FC4) not the nsd-postgres binary. The binary will cause the script to hang while it waits for that process to finish (even if it is backgrounded).  The server start and stop must be issued via a separate script (like init.d) which will background the call to nsd-postgres and then call exit 1, therefore allowing execution to continue.
  • the server must be run on port 80 to satisfy tclwebtest (an annoying inconvenience)

The good news: I have a working script that fixes most of these problems, and an XML testing output file. The bad news: I may have done something non-desirable when I fixed them. Also, the automated testing parameters are not being set by the xml file above. I have to set them manually after install. Help would be appreciated. Cheers.

Seems this was done?

this server has not been offered yet officially, or yes?
Plus having 2 is ok as well! I guess you should continue with your configurations....
Rocael, can you assist me in setting up the acs-automated-testing parameters via xml file, as described above?


Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Hi Rocael,

Let me know if you still need assistance with SVN.
I would like to volunteer. I've had some experience with subversion and SVK, plus I'm maintaining a subversion repository for Solution Grove. Some of that experience may come in handy 😊


Hello all, we are managing the OACS/.LRN test server at the INT in France. The server is available for all the OACS community and we will maintain this server at leas for one more year.

We are working in the development of different test cases considered as “smoke” using tclwebtest. All the test developed by the INT ( e-lane project) as well as all the committed tests are in the test server at

This server is at your disposition; if you want to ask something or do a comment please feel free to contact me.


thanks! tomorrow at 17:00GMT we have OCT meeting, why don't you show up and we discuss a possible plan for setting this??

11: server (response to 9)
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Can you set up accounts?
How about creating new accounts? we need a couple of people to be able to do that, so people can access, update server (CVS) and run tests. This week we have the acs-tcl test sessions, so will be nice to have this server as well to run all the test that we probably update/create.

Also, any other information on how the testserver is set up will be useful.

12: Re: server (response to 11)
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
Sorry, last post was intended to Gerardo refering to his test-server.

Also, Gerardo and Ryan, if you can, join us to the OCT meeting tomorrow 12th. at 17:00GMT, so we can review the status of the test-servers, and help if needed.

13: Re: Re: server (response to 12)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Unfortunately, I can't participate, but if anyone can help me out with my problem above, I'll check the transcripts later. I'm still unable to set the automated testing parameters via the xml file.


14: Re: Re: server (response to 12)
Posted by Gerardo Morales on
Could we have this meeting later? I will leave france so I can not participate tomorow. How about a couple of days, or next week?