Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: How to generate the category tree in xowiki

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Dave sez:

On we have modified the page to include some additional CSS and Javascript as well as added an include for the category tree.

We also added a div around the content.

It doesn't appear that xowiki in cvs has an openacs-org branch. Did your mods for xowiki on not make it into cvs? Any chance you could put this version somewhere where we can access it? I'm trying to figure out how the package works, and seeing how you've modified it for would help a great deal. Thanks!

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
stan, it does not have an oacs-branch, everything is in oacs-head. get the version, mount it, edit the directory object and add the entry as indicated, and you are done. the modified page looks afterwards like in
(notice the shadow). This way, one can have the view templated configured per xowiki instance. apparently does not use the new version, it simply replaces the view template with a tailored version. this is certainly a possibility, but you are on your own tracking changes, all xowiki instances will have the same view template.