Forum OpenACS Q&A: Calendar module: missing view -> 'cal-yearview'

I can´t find any reference to the year view in the calendar.

Anybody knows?


Posted by Ben Adida on
Old question, but I have an answer: when I reworked calendar for Sloan, the
year view seemed fairly useless and I couldn't find any users who wanted it.
Thus, I didn't reimplement it (I didn't take it out either, it just wasn't there in
v4.x). Certainly wouldn't be a bad thing to have it, if you want to take a crack at
My boss, Robert Locke, has it in one of his projects.  A year view which behaves like MSN's calendar and Yahoo calendar.  Simply displays the whole year with the date's clickable to show the day view for that date.  You might want to ask him to commit it if he has spare time.