Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to template::paginator

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Well, I'm trying to figure out how to use template::paginator but I haven't been able to.

The reason I'm looking at (which is the same as to why dave was looking too) is to change the forums user interface. Right now in forums-view it displays ALL threads in that forum. That means waiting ten minutes for all the threads in the OpenACS Q&A forum ( to show up, since they are in a table (I hope Ben is reading this :-))

I haven't been able to figure out template::paginator. It looks good, but there's no documentation (except for comments outside of ad_proc!) or examples that I can find. I tried a template::paginator::create followed by a template::paginator::get_page_count (IIRC) and kept getting errors until I gave up.

We only have a couple days to get everything setup before LinuxWorld, so I decided to just repeat the queries. Is your cached db_multirow proc available anywhere. Perhaps I could use that instead.

Karl Goldstein is the author of the paginator procs. Perhaps he has an example. Anyone has his e-mail address?