Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Request for Comment: dotLRN Technology Governance

Neophytos: I do not see the danger in there being .MINE (and I do not think there is a way of avoiding it if someone wants to branch), yet it must be absolutely clear that it is no longer .LRN and if necessary the projects would be competitors (although that would be a dilution of effort that I would hate to see). On the other hand I would not mind seeing a .WRK but I would push very strongly for cross pollination, collaboration, and NOT competition in this area (in fact a better solution might be a group of .WRK applets).

If there are conflicting changes that need to made to the OpenACS core, it clearly falls within the realm of  the OpenACS gatekeepers and has little to do with dotLRN (yet I must also say that I believe technical solutions closely follow technical problems... if needed).