Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: Re: XoWiki URL Cleanup

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
After the switch the bracketed links are rendered to point to + separated names, even after renaming the files.

Here is what I did:

1. Made the change
2. Created a new page named "new page"
3. Linked to that page using [[new page]]

Here is what happened:

1. new page was created as "new_page"
2. link points to "new+page"

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
1 and 2 is as intended, the intention was to refer to a page with [[new_page]], since 2 creates the page with its canonical name "new_page". the canonical name is used for the url as well, your hated "+" signs are gone.

however, i agree, that with the switch turned on, it makes sense to to allow both notations [[new page]] and [[new_page]]. Get it from CVS head.