Forum OpenACS Q&A: Pakage Manager Errors

Posted by Gilbert Price on
<p>I'm having some problems adding the blogging .apm from Lars Pind to
my new OACS installation. Currently running Redhat 7.3 with the
OACS/Pstrgres/AolServer Installation as outlined in the installation
docs from OpenACS.

<p>I also have a timezone load error that I'll post next. Everything
else that has been ported over to Postgres has been installed and is
functional. I'll get more in depth with the modules over the next few

[11/Aug/2002:07:59:51][11661.4101][-conn1-] Debug: APM: Loading
[11/Aug/2002:07:59:51][11661.4101][-conn1-] Debug: The follow error
occured during the uncompression process:
    <blockquote><pre>child process exited abnormally</pre></blockquote><br>

[11/Aug/2002:07:59:51][11661.4101][-conn1-] Warning: APM: EnabledP
does not exist

Any ideas?


Posted by Gilbert Price on
Lars helped me out on this one, as a new guy to the APM, it don't work too good when the package is in the "Packages" directory...

All working now...