Forum OpenACS Development: Re: content revision new problem

Posted by Nis Jørgensen on
The documented behavior of "next_val ('sequence')" - which is what db_nextval calls - is that is never returns the same value twice, not even across transactions.

If you can reproduce something different (an ns_log call in db_nextval should do) I belie ve you have a bug report for thePG team.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Not entirely sure how I would do this, as I need to run two seperate queries at the same time each with the transaction. I can only say that two session_ids tried to insert the same object_id in acs-objects, though this is probably not what the PG team would like to hear. Any other idea how I could show this ( with minimal effort :-)).

Byte the way, it is considerably better to provide a object/revision/item_id to the ::new functions anyway instead of relying on them to figure it out (at least in my opinion).