Forum .LRN Q&A: Bulk Upload Instructions need update?

In the Bulk Upload instructions it says:

"Your CSV file should have the following header titles: first_names,
last_name, email. It can also include the following optional headers:
id, type (student, professor, admin), access_level (full, limited),
guest (t for guest, f for non-guest)."

By looking at the User admin page one would think that the possible
values for type would be external, professor, staff, and student.
Shouldn't site_wide_admin have its own header title?

Posted by Eduardo Palacio on
you can see this:

but if you like to ty it, i do this script:

echo "first_names, last_name, email, id, type, access_level, guest" > alumnos_list.txt

for i in `seq 3000 3100`
echo "alumno${i}, alumno${i}, mailto:alumno${i}";, ${i}, student, limited, f >> alumnos_list.txt
exit 0


first_names, last_name, email, id, type, access_level, guest
alumno3000, alumno3000,, 3000, student, limited, f
alumno3001, alumno3001,, 3001, student, limited, f
alumno3002, alumno3002,, 3002, student, limited, f
alumno3003, alumno3003,, 3003, student, limited, f
alumno3004, alumno3004,, 3004, student, limited, f
alumno3005, alumno3005,, 3005, student, limited, f
alumno3006, alumno3006,, 3006, student, limited, f
alumno3007, alumno3007,, 3007, student, limited, f
alumno3008, alumno3008,, 3008, student, limited, f
alumno3009, alumno3009,, 3009, student, limited, f
alumno3010, alumno3010,, 3010, student, limited, f
alumno3011, alumno3011,, 3011, student, limited, f
alumno3012, alumno3012,, 3012, student, limited, f
alumno3013, alumno3013,, 3013, student, limited, f
alumno3014, alumno3014,, 3014, student, limited, f
alumno3015, alumno3015,, 3015, student, limited, f


and it works very well, i have 100 new users.

Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
peter: no, there shouldn't be a site-wide-admin header in the CSV for bulk uploads. Our reasoning is that site-wide-admin-ness is not a dotlrn-user-specific property, and adding it here would make it ripe for misuse. For an analogy, it would be like if there was a "-root" toggle to the "useradd" command in linux.

The link to toggle site-wide-admin-ness on the /admin/users page is there for convenience, since it appears that there's no UI in oacs to make someone a SWA. thinking about the link now, i think it might do more harm than good in the long run.