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Posted by Jose Agustin Lopez Bueno on

Thanks for the fix. I had detected that problem too.

The main problem I am having in my tests with AOLserver 4.5
is in the initialization of tcl modules (modules/*.tcl)
These files are not sourced. Moreover, I must set in the

ns_Section ns/server/myserver/tcl
ns_param initfile "$OPENACSDIR/tcl/0-acs-init.tcl"

for start OpenACS server. This behaviour is different
to 4.x.10.

Perhaps is a bad compilation / configuration of
my server?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hmm, i did not have a problem with that. I have used essentially the same config file as with aolserver 4.0.10. Here are the relevant parts:
set siteroot		    /usr/local/dotlrn-2.2.0/
set logroot		    ${siteroot}/log/
set pageroot                ${siteroot}/www


ns_section ns/server/${server}/tcl ns_param Library ${siteroot}/tcl ns_param autoclose on ns_param debug false