Forum OpenACS Development: First impressions

Posted by Peter Smith on
Hello Everyone!

I have been testing OpenACS for more than a month now, and I found it to be the most professional free portal system available right now.

Fully supporting two databases is one big advantage!

Although the development should keep up with them. In this case I think of PostgreSQL 8.1.
I would like to see support for PostgreSQL 8.1 and TSearch 2 (which is built into it).

I have fallen into a trap when I tried to use AOLserver with PostgreSQL 8.1 on FreeBSD. The driver couldn't find the shared object:, and the driver could not be loaded. It would be great if you could fix this.
Also in the /etc/config.tcl file you could make a db_password entry for Postgres as well. Since at the pools section it is defined.

The other thing I noticed is that in the System Configuration interface (web, like: acs-admin) the Help text's not always mention the available values the configuration field could be set to.

Making OpenACS really a scalable system would require two things:
1. Separating the Static content from the Dynamic.
At the database layer as well (for example in another pool).
2. Supporting some kind of database clustering. I know Oracle has it, but it also would be great to have it with PostgreSQL. Making read only database pools would help in some way.

Do you have any up-to-date roadmap about the future development of OpenACS?


2: Re: First impressions (response to 1)
Posted by Daniël Mantione on
I run OpenACS with PostgreSQL 8.1 since about a month and it works. You must enable some PostgreSQL options and create one function.
3: OpenACS with PG 8.1 (response to 2)
Posted by Michael Steigman on
Daniel - would you mind detailing the PG options you enabled and the function you created?