Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OCT meeting: bug-stomp!!, test-server, svn & trademar

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
I use tailor
to keep a source code in cvs and svn in sync.

Kindly advise where you would like this set up.

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Oops the link to tailor is
Do you have a server were you can set it up, so people can play with it?

I'm afraid I don't have a public server.
However, the software I am talking about is really just a script that can be executed where ever there is CVS and SVN installed on the same box.

If someone is willing to volunteer a public test/staging/play server with linux on a public IP and with the following installed

CVS, Apache, Python, subversion and it's dependent packages,

I can setup a server that regularly fetches code from and imports it into a vendor branch on a subversion repository via Tailor.


Ham, does the setup you say (fetch code from cvs) will "replicate in SVN" what we actually have in CVS? if yes, it will be nice for testing a while how SVN works. We can give you access to actual CVS server, so you setup everything there.
Tailor will do a cvs checkout from a CVS repository and an svn checkout from an SVN Repository. It will then do a diff and extract the code changes. Finally depending on the parameters you pass to it, tailor can

- commit the changes/differences to the CVS repository
- commit the changes/differences to the SVN repository

This is useful in a situation where you would like to keep a vendor branch of let's say OpenACS head from OpenACS CVS on a branch in your subversion repository.

And yes, we can also use tailor to extract say OpenACS HEAD into a test subversion repository for testing/review.