Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: I'd like to contribute two translations for DBM

The 3 new languages I contributed are from 5.1.5. Since I ahave upgarded meanwhile to 5.2.3b2 and translators at my site have done updates. Somebody needs to install the message files into the translation server. I sent them to Victor Guerra, who said he would install them, but then became incommunicando and never did.
Hi Daniel,

I am sorry, I completly forgot about it!.
I found the compressed file you sent to me.
Have the message keys changed after that date?
If so, could you send them again please?

And if you have message keys for new locales, please send them too :).

I have been experimenting problems with my mail account
at galileo_dot_edu. Could you please CC to guerra_at_gmail_dot_com just to be sure I get your email.

Victor Guerra.