Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: Re: OACS 6 and beyond

Posted by Don Baccus on
Go for it, Simon. The Oracle OpenACS community would implode within months. How do I know that? If it hadn't already imploded we wouldn't be having this discussion. Think about it.
I think the community has missed the point. All the concessions over the past few years have been the other way around. It PG that has compromised ACS not the other way around...
Umm ... if it weren't for PG the OpenACS project would've never started and you and I would've never met. Nice to see what you think of us "hobbyists". Yeah, I have an idyllic career. That's why I'm so broke I'm deeply in debt and can barely meet expenses. It's because I've been dumb enough to spend significant chunks of my life working on code for free so that you can: 1. make money off it 2. insult me while doing it Nice, Simon. Nice.