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Posted by Elena Garcés on
We are in evaluation phase of e-learning platforms in my university. We need information about performance and scalability of .LRN platform in relation with other LMS like WebCT, Blackboard and Moodle. The specific information will be:

How often there the platform presents flaws for defects or errors.
When there is a flaw, the platform allows maintaining his functions.
What is the performance and time of answer in the execution of functions?
Resources used in the .LRN server.
What is the scalability and possibility to increase the number of students and courses? What is the maximum number of courses and students for course in the platform?

Also we like to know about support services.

Thanks, for your attention and the information that you can provide us.

2: Re: Res: .LRN evaluation (response to 1)
Posted by Jose Agustin Lopez Bueno on
Hi, Elena!

We can talk about our dotLearn installation
at University of Valencia (Spain).
Please send us a mail to
and we will give you our phone number.