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Well, we support trees on top of two databases, that's not the issue. The issue is simply that this particular need is one which drives db query differences.

If you're suggesting that Rails does the nested tree support in the Ruby layer, I'd humbly suggest that this is likely to be terribly inefficient if sizable trees are involved.

I should also point out that the forums package's oracle version uses tree_sortkeys rather than CONNECT BY queries.

And that PG in the semi-near future should support SQL's recursive queries that would allow an approach similar to CONNECT BY.

Hi Guys,

I am not an active participant nor a frequent user of openACS. But after going thorught this long forum postings, I have a question.

Can someone tellme what exactly is the reasons of dropping the oracle support? It would be good if we know exactly the work/effort required then we can collective divide the work and start supporting openACS with oracle.

1. Is it because of lack of Oracle users in the community who will test oracle code and give green signal to it?

2. Since Don is the only person doing this and he is not interested in doing and no one is there to take that responsiblity. So we are dropping oracle support?

3. Or is it because of licensing issues of oracle?

What exactly are the reasons of dropping oracle support? We know that upto now openACS was suppporting both databases and most of the websites are running on openACS having backend both oracle and postgres. Can someone (Malte, Don or Dave) please actually list down the things that is required to support oracle with openACS 6

I see most of them had shown anger/disrespct to other users but again its not directly from the heart but its more about the frustration of not having oracle support.

Why dont we actually know the things that is required in order to continuing support oracle?

I will be waiting for the answers then..


Hi Andre,

1. Yes Oracle maybe dropped in the future if no one will step up in testing it.

2. Currently its only Don who does the testing, its difficult and not a sustainable model as Don is not really doing Oracle development

3. Its not a licensing issue, its a manpower issue.

I hope a member for the OCT can confirm my answers.

Well, since this discussion has started, people have stepped forward offering server support and the like. So perhaps some of the resource issues will be resolved. We shall see.