Forum OpenACS Development: Effective IDE workflow?

Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hello everyone,

has anyone been capable to find an effective workflow to develop in OpenACS using an IDE?

As "effective", I mean easily being able to:
- refactor code
- trace class/proc definition from its usage
- trace class/proc usages from its definition

and optionally
- spot syntax errors
- spot blatant semantic errors
- autocompletion (e.g. showing procs in a namespace, suggesting function parameters, suggesting members or methods of a class...)
- show documentation when hovering on a function/class/method

Someone have asked this question over the years... I have found like others did, now it seems there is support for XoTcl. I've tried to fiddle with it, but the difficult part is to make him understand an "ad_proc" is actually a "proc" and similar OpenACS idiosyncrasies.

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Antonio

I'd be interested to know too. For years now, I've been using Textpad with a TCL syntax file. Textpad is a great text editor, but obviously is not an IDE like Eclipse.


Posted by Antonio Pisano on
For mostly every task I've had to accomplish, a simple text editor with syntax highlighting had been more than adequate. The problem comes when your project becomes bigger and you need to refactor that one proc which had been used everywhere, or stuff like that...

It is also very useful when you change something in your code thinking for the best and you find you've broken some proc call in a remote script you would have never thought about.

In general, I feel the lask of an IDE when it comes to maintainance...