Forum OpenACS Q&A: SSBox-for-OACS fyi and potential interest

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Based on openSUSE 13.2 64-bit x86

openSUSE 13.2 based light install for vm or dedicated box. Goal is a (mostly) preconfigured Naviserver/OpenACS server. with NaviServer defaults modified to install and default instance under /opt/NaviServer. NasviServer/OACS built by the end-of-build script, from sources copied to /usr/local/src. Since this could be considered a “blob”, with a private tcl and other executables mixed with data and config, I felt that /opt was more appropriate here than the source default of /usr/local/ns. See build Configuration for system and NS/OACS build details.
Full lxde desktop available by using x2goclient, or console login as arch then startx. Firefox available for convenient configuration of localhost/private sites.
Currently a runable base NaviServer/postgresdb install without oacs, not yet ready for production use; nsssl, pamauth, etc. work in progress. All NaviServer related security set to nsadmin:nsadmin.