Forum OpenACS Development: Does portlet mean the same as includelet?

Posted by Vlad V on
Hello all,

I've done localization for some includelet packages (calendar-includelet, chat-includelet etc.). But I can't find the same name packages in the Bug traker . I see only "Calendar Portlet" and etc. Could you clarify - includelet and portlet is the same name?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
no, it's not. The packages "*-portlet" and applets (like dotlrn-forums) belong to dotlrn. The packages "*-includelet" belong to the layout-manager package and a layout-managed-subsite packages.

See some discussion about this in:

The bug tracker does not have entries for all packages, the *-includelet" packages are not there. maybe someone with admin right can add these packages to the bug-tracker, i can do that as well, when i am back from vacation.