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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
All of the data model changes of the OpenACS 5.9 agenda are now in CVS head. I would recommend to make a backup of the database before upgrading to the version, since the deletion of acs_objects.tree_sortkey might trigger deletions of e.g. views that included this attribute most likely erroneously (the attribute is not available under Oracle). Some references are implicit (e.g. views including acs_objects.*).

The update script cares for all know occurences (which are just a few such as file-storage or downloads) but not cases, where site specific code uses views depending on this attribute. If your code includes acs_objects.* in a view, please recreate it after running the update script.

Note that as well i have corrected all easy reachable HTML pages of acs-core and common packages (see Furthermore, many of the hrefs in the code were vulnerable against injection attacks, many of the property references in adp files suffered from double quoting (see guidelines \@-variables in adp-files without modifier are HTML-quoted and internationalized, one can omit one of the operations with the modifier ";noquote" or ";noi18n" and both via the modifer ";literal".

With these changes OpenACS 5.9 will be faster and much more secure than previous releases.