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Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Hello everyone,

recently we have received some bug reports about Xinha eating content when hitting return in certain situations. We can reproduce the problem on various HTML codes, both in our installations, Xinha demo here and a fresh current OpenACS installation. This happens on Firefox and Chrome, but not on Explorer.

At first I blamed invalid markup, but I was able to obtain validated HTML 4.01 strict still having the same issues. From what I have understood this relates to br tags used for formatting, but still cannot grasp the exact reason.

I have tried the same codes on current TinyMCE demo here and also on a current OpenACS installation (shipping version and everything seems fine.

Last release of Xinha dates back to 2010. I've tried to post a ticket on their forum but the amount of spam I've found discouraged me.

What is current status of Xinha?

2: Re: Xinha status (response to 1)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The development of xinha is not in a good state, i am not sure, whether there will be a a new release. we have not had problems with "eating content", but use it still in production on several sites. Have you posted a ticket? the latest real ticket there is from june 2015.

For our main sites, all new development happens with ckeditor (supported via formfields in xo*), but i have not worked on a integration with plain openacs. If it is easy for you to switch to TinyMCE, go for it.

3: Re: Xinha status (response to 2)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
I have created a ticket at least to let you people know about this.

Adopting TinyMCE requires some effort in our environment, as instances are not the most current and we would need a lot of regression testing... we need some thinking, but it is our problem of course.

4: Re: Xinha status (response to 3)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Just to tell you guys, I've contacted Raymund Meyer, a Xinha contributor, about the situation and he told me Xinha is not maintained anymore.

All the best