Forum OpenACS Development: Problem with ns_deletecookie and ns_setcoockie when upgrading to 5.9


I am trying to switch to 5.9 version on my test instance.

After updating my openacs to latest from cvs, I had issues starting the server. Log complains about this:

wrong # args: should be "ns_deletecookie ?-secure secure? ?-domain domain? ?-path path? ?--? name"
while executing
"ns_deletecookie -domain $domain -path $path -replace t -secure $secure -- $name"
(procedure "ad_unset_cookie" line 3)
invoked from within
"ad_unset_cookie -domain $domain -secure t ad_session_id"
(procedure "ad_user_logout" line 4)

Seems like the "replace" flag is to blame. Boldly removing it in the source brings to similar issue further on:

wrong # args: should be "ns_setcookie ?-secure secure? ?-scriptable scriptable? ?-domain domain? ?-path path? ?-expires expires? ?--? name data"
while executing
"ns_setcookie -discard $discard -domain $domain -expires $expire -path $path -replace $replace -scriptable $scriptable -secure $secure -- $name $valu..."
(procedure "ad_set_cookie" line 15)
invoked from within
"ad_set_cookie -replace $replace -secure $secure -discard $discard -scriptable $scriptable -expire $expire -max_age $max_age -domain $domain -p..."
(procedure "ad_set_signed_cookie" line 21)
invoked from within

Seems like something changed in the ns_* api. I am running Naviserver 4.99.8 installed a few months ago by the install script.

Am I missing something?

the -replace flag was added to NaviServer in version 4.99.6 two years ago [1]. Can it be that you have multiple versions of naviserver on your machine?



Yes, my release was installed before that time, thanks!