Forum OpenACS Q&A: help,about web server~~configuration~

help,about web server~~configuration~
my email is
the whole thing is like this
i bought the start plan from,31$/month
i installed a cgi forum,
it worked well ,then two weeks ago,i decided to add one more english php,and it also worked well at least
in the begining of the two weeks
then the webserver was down for a few times starting from 8/28,the support guys in this company see the message like
Aug 30 23:45:58 SP2787a init: Id "SV" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

they report this question to me ,so i google the answer,and tryto change a line in inittab file
l1:S1:wait:/sbin/rc single to
l1:1:wait:/sbin/rc single,i did this ,because google shows someone did the same thing to correct the webserve.
then the whole webserver is down ,i cannot even ssh.

today,they restore the system.change the harddisk for me,i am
moving the files from old to new one.
but i am afraid of the same error.i have no friends who are familiar with the linux serve
anybody here can give me any ideas?