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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I feared there would not be an easy answer to the cache view.

The site has minthread of 30 and maxthreads of 40, as the company has only 35 employees, though most of them work all the time.

Prozessor is a Xeon 2.8GhZ. Debian Sarge System, total memory 6GB, though I did not recompile the kernel yet to make Linux aware of the 2 additional Gb (it currently only sees 4GB).

I assume we have a couple more procs, as we have dotlrn plus contacts/ams/project-manager/invoices .... installed, so this could explain some things...

Did you find a way around this problem?

The fragmentation is probably also a reason as we do not run into serious out of memory problems (aka: writes to disk), especially as we restart the server every night, but the footprint is still high and I'm not sure if AOLserver is still efficient with this high a footprint.