Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error on OS X using

Posted by Michael Aram on
Hello Dave,

IIRC, when compiling PG manually the default location of the socket is in /tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432. When using PG from the distribution, it is somewhere else.

Anyhow, when I install OpenACS, I typically use a wrapper script for starting NaviServer, which includes the PATH to PG. To be honest, I dont know if this is (still) really needed, but maybe it helps?

function install_nsd_pg {
# Add wrapper script
local NSD_PREFIX=$1
local PG_VERSION=$2
local PG_PREFIX=$3

cat <<EOF > ${NSD_PREFIX}/bin/nsd-pg${PG_VERSION}
export PATH=\$PATH:${PG_PREFIX}/bin
ulimit -c unlimited
exec ${NSD_PREFIX}/bin/nsd \$*
chmod 755 ${NSD_PREFIX}/bin/nsd-pg${PG_VERSION}
# Set vars as needed....