Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Calls to server itself are ok on command line, but hang in /ds/shell

Hi Gustaf,

I have succeded on other instances with simpler configuration. This instance is particular because the server hosts different websites on different hostnames. The request is forwarded to the actual nsd instance by a nginx proxy.

I have used the actual address and port to try calling the server (e.g., the address in the internal subnet). I am puzzled because curl is working from bash using the very same user as nsd.

Specifying -ignorestderr doesn't change the situation for me.

Tcl version is 8.5. I am using ns_proxy on Naviserver 4.99.5


turn on verbosity and tracing in the curl call, and redirect the stdout+stderr to some debug file. curl should tell you, what's going on. as brian said, dns is an option, but as well a firewall or configuration issues like small-dimensioned special purpose connection pools.
Thanks, I will try your suggestions.

This must be something specific to nsd/nginx in that particular environment, because curl on the very same server works as expected, using exactly the same command in bash as in /ds/shell, except for the "exec" part of course.