Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Calls to server itself are ok on command line, but hang in /ds/shell

small addon:
- newer versions of NaviServer and OpenACS show a more modest growth of memory per additional connection thread. E.g. uses minthread 5, and uses after 4 weeks of continuous running < 2GB RSS
- NaviServer checks at the end of each request if there are requests queued and/or sufficient threads available. During a request is running in a connection thread, incoming requests are either handle by other connection requests or they are queued. This is perfectly fine on real-world systems with many small requests, but bad for your kind of application, where the only connection thread deadlocks, since it waits for the completion of a queued request.
- Allowing concurrent connection thread creates won't help, since this means that thread creates are allowed at a time while threads are being created (many tcl version had/have problems with this)