Forum OpenACS Development: Private Messenger Specs

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Now that I am being paid to develop it, here are my initial thoughts on a Private Messenger package. Thoughts, ideas, contributions?

-Send a message or invite any online user from a textbox located at the top of every screen.
    -User/Subsite Group selection widget.
        -AJAX filter-as-you-type search
    -Confirmation for sending to entire subsite group.
    -Message textbox

-"User is now online" messages.
    -Incoming messages field with history (dropdown window)
        -Select user that was announced as online and send msg

-Users can block unwanted users or ignore all messages.
    -"Block User" button
    -"Unblock User" button
    -"Ignore all messages"
    -"Accept all messages" (except those from blocked users)

Posted by Ben Koot on

I would add a sound feature to warn people of incoming message, with an option to change the default sound into a personal favorite.

What would be realy great is to add support for