Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Unable to install openacs-5.9.0b2

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

Dear Sophia,

there seems to be a problem with the database. The errors in the listing come from calls to 'define_function_args', an sql function, that has not changed in OpenACS since a long time and has not caused troubles in any OpenACS installation i know of.

The second error happens in

. The file is located in packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql. This line reads
select define_function_args('acs_datatype__timestamp_output_function','attribute_name');
The SQL function 'define_function_args' splits the argument list into arguments and add these finally into a table named 'acs_function_args'. However, since the full argument list of this function is way below 100 chars, i fail to understand, how the split chunks can be larger.

I would recommend to following:

  1. Connect to the database (probably 'openacs', specified as db_name in the config file)
  2. Run the select statement from above, and
  3. check the content of the table
    select * from acs_function_args;

When you run the select statement, you should see the same errors as in the log. PostgreSQL 9.4.5 was released yesterday. I've just upgraded from 9.4.4, and i do not see the problem (although on Mac OS X), so i suspect something local to your installation.

PS: OpenACS recommends still Tcl 8.5 rather than Tcl 8.6, since it is part of the release testing cycles and much more tested. However, it is not related to the SQL errors you experience.