Forum OpenACS Development: Categories UI bug

Posted by Antonio Pisano on

I am fiddling with xowiki. On a current 5.9 installation I think I have found a problem. Here are the steps to reproduce:

- Go in the admin page of xowiki and click on "Categories" on the left
- click on a category tree
- up on the right, switch the language from current to another one

This should fire an error complaining that required parameter "tree_id" was not supplied to the page.

Fix should be simple: in /packages/categories/www/cadmin/tree-view.adp is sufficient to add another property

<property name="tree_id">@tree_id@</property>

and the problem goes.

All the best

2: Re: Categories UI bug (response to 1)
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Properties markup was quoted by the forum... What I meant was to add a property tag with a value for tree_id to the master of tree-view.adp page.
3: Re: Categories UI bug (response to 2)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Great, thank you! fixed in the oacs-5-9 branch