Forum OpenACS Development: New features ready for http client API


now that version 5.9 has been released, I was thinking about committing some enhancements for util::http::*.

I recap them briefly:
- reaching max redirection depth won't throw an error anymore, but just return data (including headers) from the last page we could reach
- implemented two procs to allow client HTTP authentication. One implements BASIC authentication, the other a generical cookie based auth similar to the one used by OpenACS. In fact, with this last proc is possible to negotiate a cookie with a remote OpenACS instance just by supplying username, password, and the names of the authentication cookies, then use it to issue authenticated requests.
- some new utilities, mainly used to implement the previous feature, that allow to transform an HTML form into its export_vars equivalent (to some extent)

The changes could have impact on existing code: if someone relied on the fact that an HTTP call could fail if max depth was reached, this won't happen anymore. Beside that, no difference should be noticed, and this new behavior will be more flexible IMO.

If ok I can proceed

All the best

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
ok, go ahead.
Please add it to the oacs-5-9 branch, such it will get included in OpenACS 5.9.1
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Done! Please let me know about any possible regression.

All the best