Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Minimum & Recommended Hardware Requirements

Dear all,

I want to trigger a bit of an "empirical survey" about what the community considers the de facto (minimal and) recommended hardware requirements for running an "average sized, productive" OpenACS based system. Of course, the answer is always "it depends". However, I am sure there is more tacit knowledge about this topic out there than documented here. What servers do community members actually rent/buy for their OpenACS instances? Are there any good practical estimates, such as x estimated users plus y bytes of estimated data per user plus z estimated requests per second would result in ...

I know, it really depends :-) but still – maybe some interesting and helpful answers do pop up here...

Posted by Ramzani Raub on
In my humble opinion, that is a good question.

Offhand, a related question on system sizing is listed in Exercise 3: eBay, in the online book by the 3 personalities:

If anyone can share the Instructor's Solution to that question, that wold be great. As I am also trying to learn