Forum OpenACS Q&A: Long ns_cache evals with xowiki_cache and the category tree widget

Hi all,

Over the past few months, we’ve begun to see long delays (up to 10 seconds) on pages that utilize the category tree on our OpenACS installs. In the log, we see:

"long ns_cache eval 3097 ms, ns_cache eval xowiki_cache {PF-273963-agg-::xowiki::includelet::categories -en_US} next”

Any ideas or suggestions on how we could address this?


Hi Carl,

It looks like you have a large category tree with a high number of categorized pages in a setup similar to the wiki page on (and maybe the counting feature turned on).

Can you run the query with developer support turned on (db statistics activated) on a freshly started instance and send me the results?

A short time measure might be to increase the xowiki_cache size, which is per default just 400KB to e.g. 4MB (xowiki/admin -> parameters, requires a new start to used the increased the cache size). With a larger cache the first query will still be slow, but the overall user experience should improve.