Forum OpenACS Q&A: Privileges and Package Administrators

I created a custom admn privilege awhile back, and everytime a new object is created, the custom admin privilege is granted on the object for creator.

Today I added some new package administrators for this package, but they are not getting admin permission on the objects; however, if I make them site-wide admins, they have admin permission on the objects.

security_inherit_p is set to true for all the relevant objects.

How do I grant package admins permissions on the objects without explicitly doing so for each object?

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Check the context_id of these objects. That will tell you which object they are inheriting permissions from. In general I'd guess you want it set to the package_id of the package_id they are created under.

I suspect context_id may be null, or at least not set to the correct thing.

Posted by James Thornton on
That was it -- thanks.