Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Problems with dotLRN 2.2.0 upgrade

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Gustaf, you are my hero.

However, I'm not sure that my tclsh had been upgraded on the aolserver as well as at server level. I installed tclsh 8.4.13 on the server and checked it with info patchlevel, this returned 8.4.13.

I restarted my server just to make sure that it would behave differently and brought up the dotLRN instance. When I browsed to the same new-class page I got the same error as before.

It was only when I made the proc change you mentioned that I was able to get past that error and create a class.

Would I now need to recompile aolserver using the new version of tclsh or should it pick it up the changes automatically?

On the xotcl front, my reasoning was that after installing OpenACS 5.2.3 my eror log had messages like the following:

Error: during '::xotcl::Object instproc'
during '::xotcl::Object instproc'
::xotcl::Object ::xotcl::Object->configure
invoked from within
"::xotcl::Object configure \
-instproc contains {{-withnew:boolean true} -object {-class ::xotcl::Object} cmds} {
if {![info exists object]} {set obje..."

I'll be able to elaborate further when I get into the nitty gritty of merging and testing the upgrade. If you know about the aolserver problem or how I can test out the version being used by aolserver that would be great.


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

Installing a different version of tcl and having an appropriate tclsh around is not enough. You have to recompile the aolserver. Do a "make clean" in the aolserver source directory and run "configure --with-tcl=...." pointing the the correct tcl tree. After that, you have to recompile the aolserver modules (ns_cache, ....) as well.

Concerinjg the xotcl error message: it says only that an error occured during an instproc definition, but not, what the error is.