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3: Re: xowiki crashes (response to 2)
Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Hmm...looks like Gustaf knows this is broken. From /xowiki/tcl/xowiki-form-procs.tcl:

  WikiForm instproc update_references {} {
    my instvar data
    if {![my istype PageInstanceForm]} {
      ### danger: update references does an ad_eval, which breaks the [template::adp_level]
      ### ad_form! don't do it in pageinstanceforms.
      $data render_adp false
      $data render -update_references
    # delete the link cache entries for this item 
    # could be made more intelligent to delete entries is more rare cases, like
    # in case the file was renamed
    my instvar folder_id
    ##### why is ns_cache names xowiki_cache *pattern*   not working??? 
    ##### upgrade ns_cache from CVS !
    foreach entry [ns_cache names xowiki_cache link-*-$folder_id] {
      array set tmp [ns_cache get xowiki_cache $entry]
      if {$tmp(item_id) == [$data set item_id]} {
        ns_cache flush xowiki_cache $entry
    if {![$data istype ::xowiki::Object] &&
        ![$data istype ::xowiki::PageTemplate] } {
      ::xowiki::notification::do_notifications -page $data

This error occurs with version 1.5 of nscache which is in cvs with aolserver 4.0.10 and thus presumably the most up to date. Gustaf, while ns_cache isn't working when passed a pattern, how should this be fixed so that we don't slam into an error?

4: Re: xowiki crashes (response to 3)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
See the 2nd line of the comment: get an update of ns_cache. ns_cache supports the pattern since more than 2 years

cvs -z3 co nscache

The crash indicates most likely a mixup of different tcl versions used for different aolserver modules. Since you
have a fresh installation, be sure to point to the tcl version explicitely.

As well, i would recommend to run xowiki/admin/test