Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 'content_revision__del' not removing acs_permissions

The manual deletion is not necessary since there is a "on delete cascade" on acs_permissions, introduced between 5.2.0d7 and 5.2.0d8. Can it be that ProjectOpen missed this? Or is there another problem?


Thanks Gustav,

the 'delete cascade' constraint of the acs_permissions table is indeed missing.
Among other techniques I used FishEye [1] to find the related update script for the change you referred me to, but I wasn't able to find it.



At the time, the "on delete cascade" was added to acs_permissions, as it looks to me, don did not provide an upgrade script. There was as well a non-conforming naming of of the constraints "...on_what_id" vs. "...object_id", which was consolidated by [1] also for old installations.



Thanks so much for the clarification and for takin' the time looking into this.