Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver 4.x for ACS 3.4.9

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Ah, so you work with Eve, Pedro?

Using AOLserver 4.0.x or 4.5.x will probably work for ACS 3.4.9, but you might have to tweak a few things. AFAIK, all the ad13 features that you should need to run ACS were eventually forward-ported to AOLserver 4.0.x. I don't know whether they kept the exact same API or not in all cases though, particularly for the character set stuff.

I don't think 4.0.x includes the ad13 Tcl bytecode cache, which might be a performance issue if your site is very busy. Then again, some very large sites (like Gustaf's) are running on OpenACS + AOLserver 4.x, and they don't seem to have missed it.

Posted by Pedro Liska on
Thanks for your help Andrew. I'll try this out as soon as I get a chance.


PS: I do work with Eve, she's awesome. I see you also worked with her in the ArsDigita times =)