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Posted by Matthew Dodwell on
I'm getting unable to dispatch method 'exists_form_parameter' when trying to add a page to the wiki.

I'm using xowiki 0.37
xotcl-core 0.44
xotcl 1.5.2

::1378: unable to dispatch method 'exists_form_parameter'
while executing
"1378 exists_form_parameter text.format"
::xotcl::__#E ::xowiki::Page->exists_form_parameter
invoked from within
"$data exists_form_parameter text.format"
(procedure "handle_enhanced_text_from_form" line 4)
::xowiki::f1 ::xowiki::WikiForm->handle_enhanced_text_from_form
invoked from within
"my handle_enhanced_text_from_form"

I've been trying to delete the xowiki instance and re-install as in trying to fix it I'm causing some odd errors, so I might have mucked the installation up by now. I've been trying the following;

1. delete via package manager - fails due to;

ERROR: update or delete on "acs_objects" violates foreign key constraint "acs_objects_context_id_fk" on "acs_objects"
DETAIL: Key (object_id)=(953) is still referenced from table "acs_objects".

select apm_package__delete('953');

2. And calling ::xowiki::before-uninstall from the apm callbacks page gives;
Invalid switch: "-drop_objects_p"

Any thoughts? (Reinstall looks like the option)


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

as this works on my installation, there must be something
site specific going on. what version of tcl are you using?
A common source of problems is that during the last 10 or so versions, some source files of xowiki became obsolete. Unfortunately, the old files can harm the installation, doing just an update from cvs does not necessarily remove the obsolete files. I would recommend to move your existing xowiki + xotcl-core directories (in packages) to a different name and check out again.

Concerning error 1: did the update script work without problems? There is an update script for xowiki 0.30, which get rid of orphan content revisions (there are created, when e.g. in a content item new a title is provided; newer xowiki versions don't do this. you should be able to get rid of the problem by running the upgrade manually (see xowiki/tcl/xowiki-callback-procs.tcl).

concerning error 2: this is from a code added by malte to delete the object types when doing an uninstall. looks like the content::type::delete function in your installation does not support this flag. Which openacs version are you using?


Posted by Matthew Dodwell on

As always, many thanks.

The problem turned out to be old files in the xotcl-core area - once I cleared everything out of xotcl-core and xowiki and reinstalled from HEAD, everything worked a dream.