Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: .LRN User Interface Design Forum

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
I would advocate further forums for dotLRN related talk. I'm not 100% sure .LRN user interface design would be the best name for such a forum but a few new ones relating to perhaps, tutor talk, content development on dotLRN, administration, technical, etc.

It would probably encourage more active participation from those who are not wanting to contribute code but more share their use of the system?

You could even have a getting started with .LRN for people who are trying to install and get to grips with the system. That way the forums would be more focussed as opposed to lots of discussion threads for an entire range of subject matter. It will also make them a more useful resource bank for external parties trying out the system.

Who has the rights / privileges to set up this kind of thing? The consortium?