Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Request for Comment: dotLRN Technology Governance

First, of all you realize that this is a forum maintained at the OpenACS project. Thus, my messages in this thread are not only addressed to .LRN but also and especially to the OpenACS community, its developers and its leaders. More than once in this thread it has been mentioned that there were efforts to keep people quiet so that they wouldn't share their view in public, so I consider it at least a paradox to claim that my posts have been absurd.

Don, I spoke with other people as well last night. Anyway, the person emailed me and said s/he would appreciate if I don't publish the chatlog and I won't -- end of story. You see some people have to make a living and they don't want to crash their heads against the *wall*.

State *clearly* what you want, what you fear, and what you think the governance model should be.
Here's what I want (both in spirit and in letter):
  • The OpenACS project decides and/or nominates and/or elects its representatives to the .LRN Technical Advisory Board (and *no* I'm not interested to take a seat on the board). Here are the people I nominate (the OpenACS gatekeepers -- in alphabetical order):
    • Ben Adida
    • Don Baccus
    • Roberto Mello
    • Dan Wickstrom
    If there are more seats on the board, I would also like to nominate Jon Griffin. I have taken into consideration the companies and/or related stuff before I submit my nominations.
  • Second request is that both the .LRN camp and the OpenACS project state clearly that they are separate (in the sense of their governance rules and processes) and that OpenACS would remain neutral in case more projects are founded. (more info: check the discussion about OpenACS packages in the "Open 4.6 Items & Project Status" thread in the OpenACS Design forum)
Thank you very much for your attention.

Best wishes, Neophytos