Forum OpenACS Q&A: Developer version of Oracle9i on Mac OS X to be released in a few weeks?


Oracle 9i nears developer release for Mac OS X August 13 - 11:46 EDT Oracle plans to roll out a Mac OS X version of 9i to registered Oracle developers in about two weeks, MacMinute has learned. The release will represent the first time Oracle's enterprise-class database software is available to Mac users. It's unknown at this time when the final commercial version of the product will be ready, however, although typically Oracle follows up developer releases with a final product several months afterwards. Oracle announced in May that it was developing 9i for Mac OS X when Apple rolled out the Xserve. "Oracle's leading database clustering technology, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, running on Xserve will deliver enterprise-class solutions to our joint customers and create new opportunities for both companies," Michael Rocha, senior vice president, Product Services and Platform Technologies for Oracle, said at the time.
WOW!  My next laptop may be an Apple ...
At last... This could be a good reason to upgrade the Mac OS 8.6 laptop that I'm using now... I never really liked OS X, not really a Mac, not really Unix, I've always looked at it as a big step backwards from both its ancestors.
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Posted by russ m on
I know it's just a nit-pick of the macminute article, but this isn't "the first time
Oracle's enterprise-class database software is available to Mac users"... It's
not even the first time that the Oracle server has run under an Apple OS on
Apple hardware... Oracle 7 ran under A/UX (Apple's original unix
implementation - SVR2 + a bunch of BSD additions + System7) in the early

And having just rediscovered my A/UX media kit, I'm off looking for a machine
obsolete enough to run it on, just for old time's sake...

Apparently it has been released. Go to OTN to download it.

And since I don't have a Jaguar-capable machine available right now, I would really appreciate any kind of comments.
I am planning on getting very soon (maybe, if I am lucky, within one week) an Xserve and a powerbook G4 ... and I will be loading Oracle/AOLServer/OpenACS in the laptop at least, so I will be developing/testing/giving feedback on that.