Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Stealing Email Addresses -3x

Posted by MaineBob OConnor on

Don wrote: ...I was assuming Bob wasn't making e-mail information available at all...

We make about 10% of our users email addresses available on the public "community" page which we call a MY FACE page. People with these public pages can also decide to hide their login email address. I am considering giving everyone a second email address that can be changed regularly so spam will stop (for a while!). Kinda like moving, "...left no forwarding address". The primary login email could then remain private for everyone. OR maybe we'll switch to a login name that is NOT an email address.

Our data model does not use OACS groups, instead we have a simple field to determine status:

Visitor, Guest, Member, Inactive, Deleted.

In our situation one can ONLY be ONE of the above. With OACS groups one could belong to Multiple groups... In our case, you cannot be both and Guest and Member. I haven't looked at 4x and I wonder if it is set up to restrict group membership or would I need to customize as I have with 3x.