Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Request for Comment: dotLRN Technology Governance

Neophytos: Leadership is manifested in many guises. Your passion speaks to your commitment to OpenACS. That's leadership. In an "open community" it's also necessary to have people who are willing to "rattle the cage". It makes us all question our assumptions and motivations. That's also leadership.
Al, once again, thanks but you see, I've lost too many friends by taking such an active role in this thread and that was not my intention. By being a "leader" in this community, I'm not going to win them back and I want to have a chance to win them back in the future. So, again, thank you for your kind words and I wish you all the best in your efforts for dotLRN and I hope you'll do your best to balance everything. We have *all* become wiser in this thread, I'm sure.