Forum .LRN Q&A: Bug or feature in community-procs.tcl when creating a new community

In dotlrn_community::new, was it intentional to reuse the variable
package_id?  During package instantiation when creating the new class,
it seems that the default applets parameter are not inherited from the
main dotlrn parameters.  So even if I removed dotlrn_faq, for example,
in the main dotlrn parameters (default_class_instance_applets), all
succeeding class instances still add dotlrn_faq as an applet.  This is
because when the default applets are pulled from the apm parameters
and are placed into a list, the package_id is reused and the
parameters from the main dotlrn instance is overwritten.  My temporary
fix is to add "set package_id [dotlrn::get_package_id]" just before
the list of default applets is created.